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We're joining the challenge #100women - click 100women for further information

Let's do our bit to sort four of the biggest problems facing women today:-


Turn your "LIKE" into action and complete it in 100 days - it is that simple. Some IDEAS that could make a difference.

  • Create an account (top right of this page)
  • If you are in the list below, click on your name and it will take you to your page where you need to press the Edit tab and enter your challenge, notes, etc. Don't forget to save your changes before you go (very bottom of the page).
  • If your name isn't on the list below then just email me and I will add it.
  • This is a simple way of holding us to account so we take some action and make a difference in 100 days!
  • Any questions just ask and I will try my best to sort - no SLA's though!!! EMAIL 100women100days.club AT gmail.com
Area of focus Action being undertaken When by Invite me to celebrate International Women's Day - Thursday 8th March 2018?
Samantha Seaton GLASS CEILING IOD Board Presentation Dec 15th Will organise - Venue dependent on number wishing to attend
Chris McSheeny
Lesley Alexander
Zitah McMillan
Laura Bampfylde
Emma Flaherty
Anne Mair
Caroline Naylor Renn
Esther Kendall
Jeanette Makings
Emma McWilliam
Ingrid Woodward
Anthony Gorman
Anne Leslie-Bini
Carolyn Gowen
Anna Critchley
Katharine Photiou
Madeline Bailey
Simon Bramwell
Sue Eadon-Butler
Jan Holt
Jane Hodges
Miranda Seath
Tom Collins
Gillian Cardy
Margaret Snowdon GLASS CEILING My action is to address and mentor a group of women in the workplace in December 2017. Dec 7th 2017 Yes to attending on Thursday 8th
Jon Hickman
Kwansup Lee
Shan Millie
Vaughan Jenkins GLASS CEILING Supplied the following link for sharing:


Done! Yes
Kieron Snow
Joanna Hall
Judy Jones
Natalie Orringe
Bobby Saville
Suzie Homewood
Maria Bee
Sonya Richards
Eilidh Huntley
Sherony Lock
Shweta Kamaraddi
Alice Dingle
Jo Kavannagh
Jules Mcdonaugh
Linda Read
Vanessa Kilgour
Suzanne Fendley
Celene Lee
Clea Gompels
Elaine Morgan
Fiona Matthews
Gail Dunsbee
Georgina Mullins
Helen Freeman
Jan Corcoran
Jayne Murry
Judith Geddes
Juels Copley
Julia Lampshire
Kaisie Rayner
Katie Collins
Katie McMahon
Katrina Filer
Kerrie Rowland
Lisa Williams
Louise Hobbs
Lucinda Fredericks
LuLu Prince
Maria Cobby
Michelle Cracknell
Patty Francis
Reena Thakkar
Rosy Anand
Sarah Hordern
Stephanie Martin
Ally Easton
Gee Jajodia
Ghela Boskovich
Sarah Davidson
Bethan Williams
Joanne Parker GLASS CEILING I will run Chime Grapevine- a network group for women across our Group and invite inspiring women leaders to talk to them at least 4 times a year about what it takes to success and break the glass ceiling.
EMAIL to be added here >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>> 100women100days.club AT gmail.com

Rome wasn't built in a day or 100 days for that matter. Nor will the challenges woman face in the world today.

But that doesn't mean they can't be solved.

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